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Custom made solid wood drawers

  • Custom made solid wood drawers
  • Custom made solid wood drawers
  • Custom made solid wood drawers
Custom made solid wood drawers
Custom made solid wood drawers
Custom made solid wood drawers

Custom made solid wood drawers

The love for craftsmanship and quality extends to our custom-made solid wood chest of drawers. These functional pieces are much more than just storage units; represent the perfect combination of practical organization and elegance. In addition, we provide you with comprehensive customization options, allowing you to adapt the size, number of drawers and finishes according to your personal preferences. Custom-made drawer units become standout elements in any space. From bedrooms to living rooms or work areas, these pieces add a touch of sophistication and functionality. We focus on quality and thoughtful design, ensuring that each chest of drawers is an expression of your unique style and a practical addition to your home or workplace. We use the best wood and the most practical methods to make you feel relaxed throughout the process: acquiring quality chest of drawers has never been easier.

Characteristics of our custom drawer units

  • Ergonomic design to maximize storage space without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • Customizable hardware and pull options to suit you.
  • Wood treated with preservation techniques for greater strength and longevity.
  • Possibility of integrating soft-close systems for quiet and smooth operation.
  • Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly finishes to maintain the nature of the wood.
  • Adaptable modular design, allowing several drawers to be combined and adjusted according to the need of the space.

What type of wood do we use?

We distinguish ourselves by the expertise we handle in the creation of custom-made chest of drawers with solid oak, walnut and cherry wood. We are specialists in high-end furniture, which is reflected in the careful selection of each piece of wood, guaranteeing excellence in every detail and durability of all chest of drawers. But beyond the quality of each material, what defines us is the personalized approach. We are dedicated to understanding your preferences, needs, and lifestyle to design drawer units that fit perfectly into your spaces and functional demands. Our service goes beyond the simple acquisition of furniture; We strive to offer a personal, experience where every interaction is tailored to your specific requirements. In short, we always make sure that each chest of drawers is not only a functional piece of furniture, but a work of art that reflects your style and personal tastes.

Personalized Service in the City and its Surroundings

At Mobles Calàbria, we bring experience and sublimity to Barcelona and its surroundings. We are committed to creating high-quality, bespoke chest of drawers, creating exceptional furniture that reflects the craftsmanship and distinctive style of our brand. By working in and around Barcelona, we integrate ourselves into the local community, understanding each of the tastes and factors of interest of clients in this area. The close presence with the community allows us to provide a more agile and personalized service, guaranteeing a direct and efficient attention to those who are looking for quality and elegant furniture in this region. In other words, our presence and commitment in Barcelona and its surroundings allow us to be an accessible and reliable option for those looking for top quality custom chest of drawers, backed by excellence in solid wood furniture.


Are you interested?

For more information about this service and other furniture manufacturing and design services, contact us or visit our online store
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How do we work?

Our process


Taking measures

We go to the client's home to see the space and take measurements to prepare a budget.


We present a prior design to the client based on their space, their needs and their preferences, for their approval.


We prepare a budget and send it to the client. Everything is included in the budget.

Transport and assembly

We take the furniture to the client's home in Barcelona and surrounding areas and assemble and place the furniture.
Specialists in solid wood and natural wood veneer

Specialists in solid wood and natural wood veneer

  • What wood do we use?
    We use the highest quality woods, strong, durable and versatile. Solid wood furniture is made of oak and pine. Natural veneer furniture is made of oak, walnut and cherry.
  • Can wood be painted?
    Wood and veneers can be lacquered in any colour desired to achieve matte or glossy finishes and bold or classic effects.
  • Where do we work?
    We work mainly in Barcelona and surrounding areas. Call us without obligation and we will tell you if we deliver to your home.
  • How do we work?
    We are a family business, so the treatment of our clients is always personalized. We have many years of experience and we have our own furniture workshop.

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